How to be a teen dating master regardless of your age! [3 secrets]

Everyone wants to fuck someone young and hot. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman! Hot people (especially those between the ages of 18-21) are hot regardless of how old you are. But hot people are intimidating, especially if you feel that you might be a little too old for them, but honestly? Who cares. A lot of younger people are looking for some amount of guidance anyway especially when it comes to teen sex dating. Whether that guidance be business wise, financially, or physically, it doesn’t matter… every young adult could use an older partner to show them around the boardroom (or bed).
That being said, you shouldn’t feel intimidating by someone younger than you. You should feel comfortable approaching younger people because you have a lot to offer. Sure, you might be past your partying prime, but you have what all the people their age lack: intelligence and experience. And believe me, young people crave that in a partner.
So, here are a few tips for the next time you find yourself talking to a barely 20-something who you think could use your company.
1. Talk about things they care about
When you’re talking to someone who might be a few years younger than you, you can’t talk to them like a kid. You can totally make jokes about your age, but don’t do anything to highlight it too much.
You should find a common interest that you know a lot about! Sure, you might not be Keeping up with the Kardashians, but there are probably other things that you can find to talk about with this person aside from reality television.
See if you like any similar musical artists! Are they a fan of a certain kind of T.V. genre? Capitalize on their interest in DC shows or Law and Order. Everyone watches the office, you should talk about the office!
Keep conversation interesting and lively. If they were intimidated by your age they might feel more comfortable if you show them that you’re not too different from them after all!
2. Front the check
Regardless of what a younger guy or a younger liberally minded girl might say, they’re not going to insist (more than once) about picking up the check.
Younger people are usually short on cash. That’s just a plague of being young, in school, or fresh out of college: you just don’t have a lot of money.
You, on the other hand, might be able to show what you can bring to the relationship by bringing your wallet to dinner. You’ll relieve some stress by paying for dinner or drinks which will show how great of a partner you can really be.
3. Don’t make the age gap weird
I mentioned this earlier, but you shouldn’t make the age gap weird! Don’t bring too much attention to it and don’t make it clear that you’re attracted to them because of their youth. Young people don’t want to be fetishized as being the young one in the situation… unless they are totally into it. The second that girl calls you daddy or that guy refers to you as a MILF, go for it. If it’s crossed their mind and are still into the relationship, then capitalize on it. Who knows? Maybe they were attracted to you for your age!

These 3 Free Sex Games Are Actually Worth Playing

With the number of free sex games available to play online, you probably find yourself wondering which ones are actually worth your time and which ones aren’t. There’s some that could give you a virus, others that have no substance to them other than fucking virtual women, and some that are so bad that you even feel embarrassed playing them.
Lucky for you, I’ve listed the top three free sex games that you can play for free online and should try out if you haven’t already.
1. Grand Fuck Auto
This game is probably one of, if not the most, popular online sex game of its kind. It’s 3D, RPG, and an excellent parody of the classic video game, Grand Theft Auto.
You get to do all the same things in Grand Fuck Auto, like running form the cops, completing illegal tasks, stealing cars and pimping bitches, but now, you get to have sex too! With striking visuals and the actual body parts you want to see, you get to fuck whoever you want in this game.
Play this game and see why its one of the most top-rated online sex games you could play at no charge.
2. World of Whorecraft

Another very popular online sex game, World of Whorecraft is exactly what you think it is.
A sexual parody of the original PC game World of Warcraft, World of Whorecraft is everything you’d want in a fantasy-themed sex game.
Here, you must save the human race from the Orcs. In this world, the Orcs use women as their sex slaves, and the human men are kept solely as prisoners for reproduction purposes. Also, only female offspring are suited to live in this fantasy world.
By saving these women from their captivity, you’ll get rewarded with anything you want.
3. Kamihime Project R
This game is one of Nutaku’s best rated and most popular game.
Nutaku is a Hentai powerhouse that’s known for its extensive and high-quality list of Hentai games. Kamihime Project R is the pornographic version of the regular Kamihime Project. In this Hentai game, you must use the power of the Kamihime to save a lost civilization that thrived both in magic and technology, from the second coming of Ragnarok. Ragnarok was responsible for their destruction, leaving the civilization in ruins, and faded memory from the minds of those who inhabit this world.
Some of the reasons why this game is so popular amongst players and worth your time is because of its many features. For example, you can set up co-op raids on the enemy with people from all over the world, or play with your friends to create a union.

Enter the world of Kamihime and play to see why this is one of the best online Hentai games out there.

3 Steps In Choosing Your Affiliate Marketing Niche

One of the main foundation points of getting started with affiliate marketing is choosing a niche. By focusing your time and efforts on a particular category, you’re able to concentrate on all the possible approaches that will ensure success.
1. What Are Your Passions?
Take a hard look at everything in your life that makes you excited about it. From your hobbies, interests, and passions that will give you an idea of which affiliate niches you would want to purse when you start your affiliate marketing journey. By choosing a focus and niche that interests you, there will be a higher chance of connecting with your audience on a deeper level.
When creating content, the passion you have will be seen throughout helping the audience engage with your posts, videos, and content that you create for them.
Once you’ve decided all the various categories, you would want to possibly pursue it’s time to take it a step further and figure out what specific products you’d want to tackle first. Having a general idea of the overall design or details, especially goods and services you’ve used prior will differentiate you from other affiliate marketers.
2. Is It A Growing Industry?
Even though you may be passionate about it, there are other factors you have to take into consideration before putting all your eggs in one basket. There are various websites and keywords that you can use to look up the growing trends of specific products and services that will forecast where that industry is heading. As ideal as it would be to have your passions and growing industry correctly align that isn’t realistic but possible.
Setting yourself up for success is the primary goal for affiliate marketing pursuers. There is no need to waste your time in a dying market by investing your time, money and energy to a deteriorating cause to focus on your interests and passions that the world is interested in too.
Connect with the audience’s that will be loyal for years to come with a particular brand, product or service, so you’re able to focus on a definite niche for an extended period.
There are many different ways you can locate and follow trends online to ensure that you choose a growing and highly demanded product or service.
3. Too Much Competition?
I know it’s not right to shy away from a little competition, but it doesn’t mean you should go full force into something that has a lot of it. If there are numerous competitors, it will be even harder for you to get your foot in the door and market an individual product or service you want to pursue.
Chances are the people that have already started selling a particular product or service has created a band of loyal subscribers, making it difficult for you to differentiate your webpage from others.
Unless you’re widely known or have the means to make a name for yourself, it’s best to opt out of the categories that seem to be impacted for you to make a decent profit.

Take a Tour of Homestake

Our surface tour of the Homestake Mining Operation takes you through the historic town of Lead and Homestake’s surface operation. It follows the mining process including hoisting, crushing and milling of the underground ore and views Homestake Gold Mine’s state-of-the-art Waste Water Treatment Plant and open pit mine.

This is a guided tour that takes about 1 hour. You are taken via bus through the city of Lead then up to the Homestake surface operation.

The Cost of a Surface Tour

Group- $5.50 (10 or more people)
Adults- $7.50
Seniors- $6.75
Students- $6.50
Family- $25.00 (4-6 family members)

The tours run daily from May – September.
You do not need to book a tour in advance unless you have a large group of people.
If you have a large group of people, we recommend that you book your tour a few days in advance
and we offer group rates as well.

If you have any questions regarding this information –
please call 605-584-3110.


From Interstate 90

Take Hwy 85 (Exit 17) south off I-90 towards Deadwood. Once you reach Deadwood, Hwy 85 turns into Hwy 14A. Stay on Hwy 14A through Deadwood – it will take you straight to Lead, SD. Once in Lead, you will take a left at the first stop light. Stay on this road – it will take you down Historic Main Street. The Homestake Gold Mine Surface Tour & Visitor Center is located at the end of Main Street on your left hand side.

Traveling North on 385
(from Custer & Hill City)

Travel North on Hwy 385 until you come to the Lead/ Deadwood junction of Hwy. 385 & Hwy. 85. Turn left, drive one mile and you will arrive at Lead’s Historic Main Street. The Homestake Gold Mine Surface Tour & Visitor Center is located on the right side of the street (160 West Main Street). We look forward to seeing you soon.