How to be a teen dating master regardless of your age! [3 secrets]

Everyone wants to fuck someone young and hot. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman! Hot people (especially those between the ages of 18-21) are hot regardless of how old you are. But hot people are intimidating, especially if you feel that you might be a little too old for them, but honestly? Who cares. A lot of younger people are looking for some amount of guidance anyway especially when it comes to teen sex dating. Whether that guidance be business wise, financially, or physically, it doesn’t matter… every young adult could use an older partner to show them around the boardroom (or bed).
That being said, you shouldn’t feel intimidating by someone younger than you. You should feel comfortable approaching younger people because you have a lot to offer. Sure, you might be past your partying prime, but you have what all the people their age lack: intelligence and experience. And believe me, young people crave that in a partner.
So, here are a few tips for the next time you find yourself talking to a barely 20-something who you think could use your company.
1. Talk about things they care about
When you’re talking to someone who might be a few years younger than you, you can’t talk to them like a kid. You can totally make jokes about your age, but don’t do anything to highlight it too much.
You should find a common interest that you know a lot about! Sure, you might not be Keeping up with the Kardashians, but there are probably other things that you can find to talk about with this person aside from reality television.
See if you like any similar musical artists! Are they a fan of a certain kind of T.V. genre? Capitalize on their interest in DC shows or Law and Order. Everyone watches the office, you should talk about the office!
Keep conversation interesting and lively. If they were intimidated by your age they might feel more comfortable if you show them that you’re not too different from them after all!
2. Front the check
Regardless of what a younger guy or a younger liberally minded girl might say, they’re not going to insist (more than once) about picking up the check.
Younger people are usually short on cash. That’s just a plague of being young, in school, or fresh out of college: you just don’t have a lot of money.
You, on the other hand, might be able to show what you can bring to the relationship by bringing your wallet to dinner. You’ll relieve some stress by paying for dinner or drinks which will show how great of a partner you can really be.
3. Don’t make the age gap weird
I mentioned this earlier, but you shouldn’t make the age gap weird! Don’t bring too much attention to it and don’t make it clear that you’re attracted to them because of their youth. Young people don’t want to be fetishized as being the young one in the situation… unless they are totally into it. The second that girl calls you daddy or that guy refers to you as a MILF, go for it. If it’s crossed their mind and are still into the relationship, then capitalize on it. Who knows? Maybe they were attracted to you for your age!